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Chi non impara non cresce e chi gia sà, si aggiorni!  

Training/Education is something indispensable when acquiring culture, know-how and other knowledge. It is also a motivating growth instrument that enriches our 'persona'.

Auto in Forma's goal is to make available for everyone, (particularly those whose profession is in liquidation, to those who are car adjusters/assessors and evaluate car damages, and also to those who repair them - the car-repair centers) continuining updates with the information needed to facilitate their job in the areas stated above.

Keeping ourselves updated on all the pertaining elements: insurance legislation, new repairing techniques, facilities, products, the process and the new management requirements always imposing expertise and services to clients, is not as easy as it seems to be.

Autoinforma is competent in organizing seminars on Insurance Legislation topics, technical estimates on vehicle damages, car-repair techniques, and also a complete orientation on the emerging developments in technologies and on handling damages.

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