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cinque_stelle_web_small is the software: it contains the exclusive 3d_small System (Patented Worldwide) byuesse_small that, compared with the "traditional softwares", has many more features like:

  • Certification of Estimation linked to Car Body Scanner.
  • Certification of Repair linked to the VISION X3 system by CAR-O-LINER.
  • Estimates damages for Smart Repair / Spot Repair.
  • Estimates hail damages. Cinquestelle
  • Estimates dent damages.
  • Estimates vandalism damages.
  • No installation costs.
  • No added costs for assistance.
  • No cost for super computers (only requirement is PC with Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista & Windows 7 are very much welcome).
  • Instant up-dated Data Base.
  • Linked with ePer Fiat Group.
  • Linked with Car Manufacturers.
  • Back Up of daily archives (in the Stand Alone version, Back Up is client's responsability). The client however has the possibility to do the back up in his own computer.
  • It is possible to geographically operate with multiple users or a multi-user company
    multiple users = they are using the same client Data Base
    multi-user company = multiple companies can work on multiple Data Bases (i.e. multiple assessors linked to one dominus or multiple car-repair centers with others in different locations that could share the same database. )
  • Security Protocol of crypto-graphed Data.
  • Possibility to momentaneous interrupt your operation and continue it from another computer in another location starting from where you left off.
  • Use of the full index (SQL Server), offering the user faster browsing.
  • Identical interface to that of the correspondent version of 'Stand Alone' (the "offline" one installed directly into your PC).

In this way, the up-grade of Cinquestelle Stand Alone to the online version cinque_stelle_web_small is smooth and requires no supplementary courses.

  • Possibility to save archives (claims and estimates) both online and offline on the client's PC.