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 CINQUESTELLE logo is not a quality make or a network logo, it is a simple identification that allow the vehicles owners to know which are the body shops on the market that fulfill the requirements to guarantee them "a cinquestelle" repaired car.

Wich are these requirements... ?

  • First of all we need a system that should be able to make an objective damages estimation, to quantify the repair costs in a quick, transparent and uncontestable way, then we also need a definite calculation, able to confront the work done and that of the initial 'quoted estimate'.
  • Then you need the formation of technical information, better yet, all that occurs when repairing that certain vehicle accordingly to the "car manufacturer's regulations".
  • Then you need the certified equipment recognized by the car manufacturers in such a way that the car-repair center can give you the repair certification accordingly to the "car manufacturer's regulations".