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  • The term stands for a radical change about vehicles construction that began during 2003 from OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).
  • This revolution find his history during years '90, by introducing the aluminium to build vehicles that could be lighter and at the same time more resistant (to guarantee a better safety in case of accident).
  • The first ultra-high-strenght steel and boron alloyed steel came into the market, the iron structures have undergone changes in both the forms and the material compostion according to the body inwhich they were positioned into.
At the moment, there are no structures in Italy that guarantee the fellow citizen that his/her car underwent "A CINQUESTELLE" (high efficency) car repair operation.

A few Garage and car-repair centers are able to control the body alignments (to make sure all is in line with the car) but are not able to determine if that car was repaired properly according to the specifics of the car manufacturer (this is because usually they do not have the right tools for the job).
Look what happens when a car undergoes a damage...
CINQUESTELLE garages and car-repair centers are well equipped with the right tools to do their job and they can guarantee the mobilist, the Insurance, the Fleet, etc. all these services in a clear, transparent way and on-going in time.
...and when the same car is not properly repaired and undergoes an other damage.