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It’s possible to use the Claim Management Application named cinque_stelle_web_small that permits several ways to perform the claim, following a couple of them for example:

  • Online claim without CAR BODY SCANNER support : user simply draws the damaged area on the picture of the damaged vehicle overlapped on the 3D vehicle model.
  • Online claim with CAR BODY SCANNER support : customer simply uses CAR BODY SCANNER, then data are sent over the Internet and processed by cinque_stelle_web_small application.

By working online, users (assessors, body shops) can easily and quickly make objective and accurate claims on damaged vehicles and make them available to their customers, Insurances, Fleet, etc.

cinque_stelle_web_small is entirely developed in C language and works with SQL server database engine.

Therefore, Insurances and Fleet management companies (for example) can work online too, perform the Authority 2.0 and manage all the claims by simply accessing the databases of all the claims that body shops and assessors provides daily. And create all Reports / Statistics as they would prefer to.

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