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A.C.E. - Automotive Calculation Engine


A.C.E. stands for Automotive Calculation Engine.

First of all, A.C.E. has the ability to compare the measurements (real-time acquired by using CBS) with the 3D database and provide the labor times objectively calculated and necessary to repair the damage.

Which means that, no matter what kind of “Labor Times Source” we could refer to, A.C.E. will figure out the appropriate labor time chosen between any “minimum to maximum” range.

Moreover, A.C.E. can automatically suggest to replace a spare part instead of repairing it, based on its own algorithm that furnishes the convenience to repair or replace.
Here are just some samples of the possible application of A.C.E. :

  • Smart Repair / Spot Repair.
  • Hail.
  • Dent.
  • Act of vandalism.
  • Real time Refinishing material cost calculation.

A.C.E. is totally integrated inside the new software application cinque_stelle_web_small and it's also available ONLINE !

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